Ring Home Security Accessories

Get the most out of your Ring of Security



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Hear Alerts at Home

Chime plugs into any standard power outlet and connects to all your Ring Doorbells and Cameras, allowing you to hear notifications in any room of your home, even if you’re not near your phone.

  • Multiple alert tones

  • Volume control

  • Do not disturb mode



Extend Your Network,
Get Instant Alerts

Chime Pro extends your Ring network and amplifies alerts. It plugs into any standard power outlet and links to all your Ring devices, so you get better Wi-Fi coverage and instant notifications.

  • Boosts Wi-Fi for Ring devices

  • Multiple alert tones

  • Volume control

  • Do not disturb mode



Non-Stop Solar Power for Spotlight & Stickup Cam's

A few hours of sunlight every day will keep your Spotlight Cam Battery, or Stickup Cam Battery charged around the clock, so you’ll never run out of power. With an included tool kit and cable, you’ll be set up in just a few minutes.

  • Weather-resistant design

  • Adjustable mounting bracket

  • Available in White and Black

Quick Release Battery Pack


Always Have Backup Battery Power

To charge your device, simply press the tab to release the Battery Pack and connect it to a micro-USB cable.

  • Keeps your device charged for up to six months

  • Swaps in and out of your device with a quick-release tab

  • Works with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Spotlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Solar, Stick Up Cam Solar, Stick Up Cam Battery and Peephole Cam

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